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Twelve South


Twelve South PowerPic 10W Qi Wireless Fast Charger / 5" x 7" Photo Frame

A wireless charger disguised as a picture frame

Looking for a wireless phone charger that doesn't look like another dock or charger? Meet PowerPic, the picture frame that wirelessly charges your phone. PowerPic's hidden Qi charger is capable of providing up to 10 watts of fast charging power. Just set any Qi-compatible phone inside the frame to begin charging. The contemporary frame is made of New Zealand Pine and holds any 5" x 7" photo. PowerPic is, hands down, the best looking wireless phone charger - that you"ll never see.

See a family photo instead of a phone charger or cable.

Wouldn't you rather see a cute photo of your dog instead of another charger? PowerPic is for you. This wooden picture frame, with a wireless charger hidden inside, naturally blends into your home or office. Your favorite picture will instantly become the only way you'll want to charge your phone.

Not just another pretty frame.

PowerPic wirelessly charges any Qi-enabled phone, and enables up to 10 watts for wireless fast charging. A small status light on the back of the frame lets you know when your phone is fully charged and alerts you if a foreign object, like a bank card with a chip, is preventing your phone from charging properly. The PowerPic USB cable can be plugged into any USB outlet, computer or phone adapter. (Note - power adapter is not included)

PowerPic is worthy of your best shots.

Crafted from New Zealand pine, PowerPic holds any 5"x7" photo and fits seamlessly into most any home design. Choose from a white or black frame. PowerPic includes two photos so you can use it right out of the box. We know you have a zillion great photos on your phone that deserve to be framed in PowerPic.

Works with cases, just in case.

Do you protect your expensive phone with a case? No problem. PowerPic will charge through most popular phone cases up to 3mm thick, including Apple iPhone cases and the Twelve South Journal. The ability to wirelessly charge phones through cases makes PowerPic even more beautiful to look at.


  • Compatible with all Qi-enabled smartphones (iPhone, Pixel, Galaxy etc.)¬†
  • Works with cases up to 3mm thick and up to 6.5-inches tall¬†
  • Qi-certified fast charger delivers up to 10W wireless power¬†
  • New Zealand pine frame holds any 5" x 7" photo

Charging Specifications

  • Input Connector: USB Type C
  • Note: Included cable is 1.5m USB Type C to USB Type A
  • Input: 5V/2A , 9V/1.67A
  • Output: 5V/1A , 6V/1.25A , 9V/1.1A
  • Operation Frequency: 110~205 KHZ
  • Modulation type: ASK
  • Antenna Type: Coil Antenna
  • Charging Efficiency: 2~8mm ; 2mm max> =75% / 8mm max> =72%

(Note - USB wall plug/power adapter is not included)


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