Mophie--the #1 selling mobile battery case in North America--is a California-based, award- winning designer and manufacturer that empowers the mobile world to do more. Widely acclaimed for innovative mobile solutions, mophie is the proud developer of the juice pack, the first ever mobile battery case certified by Apple Inc. Mophie products such as the mophie powerstation and mophie juice pack are recognized for style and engineered for performance, providing a seamless integration of hardware, software and design.


Macintosh-Addict is the Official Australian Online Partner for mophie.




Regardless of your phone allegiance, stay powered with innovative battery cases
for your iPhone, Samsung or HTC.
Stay connected and do more with mophie's smartphone power solutions.


Select your preferred recharge capacity from Juice Pack Reserve, Air, Plus, and Ultra.
Every mophie case is Apple MFI-Certified, and triple tested in the manufacturing process.




 Meet the new juice pack H2PRO. The power to withstand anything.

100% extra battery inside multiple layers of shock-absorbing materials,

water-tight ports and anti-glare screen protector enable this juice pack case

to keep your phone secure and fully charged.




The next generation of  high-performance power. 

This 3rd Generation of powerstation external batteries delivers reliable power with a slim, elegant feel,

and is capable of quick-charging two power-hungry devices at once.




mophie Space allows you to access, organize, and open any file while on your phone or tablet

while mobile with the free App. Connect your device to space pack or spacestation

and add up to 128GB of external storage and extra battery for use on the go.




From Belt Clips to Holsters, from Docks to Cables,

mophie's carefully designed accessories are made to work perfectly with all mophie cases and batteries.



Browse our full range of mophie collection below: 

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