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Twelve South


Twelve South PlugBug World Dual Travel Charger for MacBook


The PlugBug World is a 10-watt USB wall charger and international power adapter that lets you charge your MacBook and iPad, iPhone or iPod simultaneously – from one power outlet – virtually anywhere in the world. PlugBug World piggybacks onto your MacBook Power Adapter, creating a travel-ready, dual charger. This convenient accessory includes five international snap-on plugs and doubles as an international, stand-alone USB charger for your iOS devices.


  • Charge your MacBook and iPhone, iPad or iPod simultaneously from one power outlet
  • Converts your MacBook Power Adapter into an international charger
  • Includes five AC plugs to fit most global electrical outlets
  • Fits Magsafe 2 and Magsafe MacBook Power Adapters
  • 10 watts (2.1 amps) of power provides fast charging
  • No need to carry multiple chargers
  • Doubles as a international stand-alone charger for your iOS devices

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