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STM Dux Plus Duo Rugged Case For iPad 8th/7th Gen - Black

Tested to exceed U.S. Mil-Spec drop tests, Dux Plus Duo withstands the rigours of the classroom, work, and everyday use. Designed with educators‰۪ and IT professionals‰۪ input, the case features our patented magnetic closure, a transparent back for asset tagging or user customization, and integrated storage that can accommodate either the Apple Pencil or Logitech Crayon.


best-in-class protection

we believe good enough isn‰۪t good enough
So, we make it a point to go above and beyond‰ÛÓeven in the way we test our products. Military standards for drop testing require that a product like Dux be able to maintain all operating functions after plummeting 26 times for a height of 4 feet. We subjected Dux to our own extreme testing at 6.6 feet. It passed. And that calls for the best drop of all‰Û_a mic drop.

if you‰۪re looking to make a case all your own, the choice is clear
We use completely transparent materials for our back panel that allow you to customize your device with personal images, scan a tagging barcode, or simply let the beauty of your device shine through. But there‰۪s one more thing we want to make perfectly clear: this stylish case still provides the maximum level of protection for your digital gear.

we believe a battery should only be running when a device is in use
Chances are, you probably feel like you‰۪re charging and recharging your digital devices more often than you‰۪d like. It‰۪s just the nature of the beast. So, we just thought we‰۪d do our part in helping you maximize the time between juicing up. Our instant on/off cover wakes up your tablet when it‰۪s open and puts it to sleep when it‰۪s closed. It‰۪s a real (battery) lifesaver.

additional features

  • Super protective polycarbonate and rubberised bracket
  • Clear back to customise your device, scan a barcode tag or allow your pristine device to shine through
  • Durable and water resistant polyurethane cover to ward off occasional drips or spills
  • Patented magnetic closure allows for easy folding for typing or viewing
  • Instant on/off cover wakes and turns the device off to save battery life
  • Pencil storage

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