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Moshi Umbra Privacy Screen Protector For Microsoft Surface Pro / Pro 4

Umbra for Surface Pro (2017) is a privacy screen protector that not only protects your touchscreen, it also safeguards on-screen content from prying eyes. This privacy screen protector is ideal for traveling professionals handling sensitive information in industries like healthcare, finance, government, technology, education, and more. No matter where you are -- airplane, train, or hotel lobby -- Umbra gives you the peace of mind by securing your data. Unlike other privacy screen protectors that require special fasteners or tabs, Umbra is easy to install, 100% bubble-proof, and can also be washed and reapplied repeatedly for long-term use. Umbra’s proprietary multi-layered construction retains visibility, and its EZ-Glide coating ensures your Surface Pen glides smoothly across the screen.

  • Restricts side viewing to protect your on-screen data.
  • Easy to install and 100% bubble-proof. No fasteners required.
  • EZ-Glide coating for smooth touchscreen and Surface Pen maneuverability.
  • Slim design allows you to fully close your laptop.
  • Washable adhesive for long product life.

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