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BodyGuardz Accent Wallet Genuine Leather Rugged Case w/ Wrist Strap For iPhone 11 Pro Max

Accent Wallet for iPhone 11 Pro Max is a new genuine leather case with a low profile, 2-card pocket. This case is wireless charging compatible and includes a convenient removable wrist strap to prevent drops! Accent Wallet is a premium case that protects with an innovative system called TriCore. Three layers of protection are thoughtfully integrated into the case to offer maximum protection without adding bulk. TriCore includes patented, shock-absorbing Unequal material, a rigid torsion plate to reduce twisting forces when dropped, and a reinforced bumper around the edges. Inspired by well-crafted handbags and luggage, Accent Wallet provides the perfect balance of head-turning style and peace-of-mind protection.

TriCore protection that absorbs and dissipates impact
Sleek, low profile design
Soft bumper with rigid, back
Raised bezel to protect front of device
Rounded edges that feel like the Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max
Made to work with BodyGuardz screen protection

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