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BlueLounge Cable Drop Multi Cable Clip

  • Keep up to 4 cables secured¬†to flat surfaces to prevent them from falling behind or under¬†desks, tables and nightstands.
  • Peel-and-stick; Self-adhesive backing semi-permanently mounts¬†CableDrop Multi in place
  • Two outer channels have a looser grip for frequently used cables
  • Two inner channels have tighter grip for cables that are rarely removed.


CableDrop Multi is a self-adhesive, multi-cable clip that keeps up to 4 charging cables and connectors anchored where you need them.

CableDrop Multi keeps cables anchored and prevents cords from slipping away, behind desks, under nightstands and off of flat surfaces. CableDrop Multi uses a semi-permanent adhesive tape to stay put on flat surfaces. Set up in a finger snap by simply remove the protective tape, placing the CableDrop Multi in the desired location and hold down firmly to have a multi cable manager at the ready. 
Chose the best channel for each of your cables and snap them into place.

CableDrop Multi comes with 2 units per packs 

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