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"Welcome home, Apple" is our motto.

We pride ourselves on designing the most elegant and effective docking solutions for Apple products. Each day, we focus exclusively building the best homes for your Apple devices.

In 2009, we were founded in Arlington, VA. Similar to a company we love, we were started in our founder’s parent’s garage. We subsequently moved to San Francisco, CA to be closer to the products we love. Just like Apple, Henge Docks are designed in CA but made in China. Henge Docks was conceived in 2008 when our CEO was looking to solve a problem – how to hook up his PowerBook to a home theater system. Transitioning between desktop use with an external monitor and the home theater system to watch movies was a pain. Cords became tangled. Connectors would disappear. Audio leads were plugged into the wrong ports.

Nothing about this setup was clean, beautiful, or simple. Henge Docks were created to solve the problem and today we still make the most elegant docking solutions found anywhere.


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