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March 10, 2017 2 min read

The beauty of iPhone perfectly reflects Sir Jony Ive's masterful skills and vision. A powerful machine compacted in an ultra slim form factor, the new iPhone 7 is created with no redundant or unnecessary elements. Yet, after 9 years of iPhone culture, the vast majority of us have been trained to put a layer of protection on it. From injection-moulded silicon cases to full-grain leather sleeves, from cold precision-machined metal to warm natural wood, iPhone covers come in all shapes and forms. But for the post-modern minimalist who prefers to appreciate the original beauty of the iPhone, all of the above seem undesirable.


Risking scratching or damaging your favourite handset from everyday wear and tear but cannot put up with an extra noticeable layer? You will need to take a look at the products below.



Power Support Air Jacket


In this industry, it's rare for a product series to be more renown than the name of the brand itself. Air Jacket is one of them. Who knows a piece of thin plastic and draw so much loyalty among users - so much so that millions of counterfeit imitations are sold world wide. Yet, none of them resembles the quality of the original minimalist icon. Designed and manufactured in Japan, Air Jacket may not be the thinnest ever existed, but it must be the most well-made. With 4 signature finishes, clear, matte clear, smoke, and rubber black - each with it's own texture and feel, Air Jacket caters for users of all iPhone colours. The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus models now come with improved materials to enhance durability and a complementary Crystal Clear AFP (anti finger print) guard. It's hard to explain how awesome the actual product is, but you will feel the difference when you hold one in your hand, guaranteed.


Native Union CLIC Air

Like Power Support, Native Union's quest to designing a minimalist case starts from the ultra slim form factor, yet it does not stop there. Although being a less know make in the market in comparison to Air Jacket, CLIC Air is not shy of thoughtful features. Perhaps the biggest design innovation is the coverage around iPhone 7/ Plus's camera bump, an area that usually gets a round cut out on other cases. Not only does the case protectives the vulnerable camera lens, it also makes itself seamless to the iPhone by showing no gaps whatsoever on the back. Another unique feature is invisible. That is an anti-bacteria coating on the product itself. We all know that our daily electronic devices attracts more germs and bacteria than anything else. So an extra layer of protection like this makes it all more worthwhile to put this case on.


To find out more about Power Support, click here. To discover the Native Union range, click here.


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