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March 29, 2018 1 min read

Manufactured in Detroit and hand crafted by a one family for six generations, Grado offer a superior headphone at a very reasonable price point. Grado’s range of headphones rival much more expensive brands in terms of sound quality, offering clear, crisp sound throughout the frequency range.


Well known for their refined midrange, Grado’s current generation have now addressed a former issue of treble spikes in the high register to deliver sparkling highs improving the clarity and listening experience. This is coupled with truely balanced lows that are able top shine through without muddying up the midrange, whilst still providing the desired low range thump listeners have come to expect.


Grado headphones also offer an extremely wide sound stage, allowing for that live band experience, excentuating the panning in use to allow you to truely monitor your sound. Due to the qualities of Grado headphones they can be used a reference headphones and audiophile experience alike. Delivering accurate and true sound with good tonal balance allowing the listener to monitor the mix without artefacts or harmonic distortion.


Grado Labs headphone also offer a unique, retro look which stand out in a crowd. Offering metal grating and even wood finishes on some models, Grado headphones possess a style of their own in a headphone market full of clones.  


Mac Addict is proud to be a part of an Authorised Retailer of Grado in Australia. We would be pleased to have you in store an try on these exceptionally well-crafted headphones. You can find our boutique store at 26 Albert Coates Lane, QV Melbourne. 


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