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December 30, 2016 1 min read

"Courage" was the word Phil Schiller used when describing the killing of the headphone jack on iPhone 7. In all honesty, the 3.5mm analog port is an ancient technology that deserves to be replaced sooner or later. We believe Apple made the right call there. In comparison, the loss of the fan-favourite MagSafe power adaptor is something more worthy of moaning.


Apple made the shift towards the USB Type C connection started with the 12" MacBook. It's no surprise to people that the new multi-fuctional connector will play a major role in Apple's latest flagship laptops. It saddens hard-core Mac users like ourselves to see the MagSafe go away. But don't worry, because this Griffin BreakSafe cable will make it feel right again!


Debuting in CES 2016, the BreakSafe USB-C connector is all critics talk about. Unfortunately we have not been able to seen one in flesh in Australia, until now. Macintosh-Addict is super pleased to bring this product down under and offer it local MacBook users, including ourselves!


So get yours now. Click here for more details.

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