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December 29, 2016 2 min read

This is the new King of rugged waterproof iPhone cases!


LifeProof is no strange name for those who seek protective, especially waterproof cases for their iPhone. Waterproof cases, a category that did not exists a couple of years ago, is now dominated by the giant own by OtterBox, with strong competition from other players such as Catalyst, Tech21, and Dog & Bone. But what if we tell you that a cases you would not have heard of 5 months ago is now in our opinion the best every created?


Meet Hitcase Shield, a ultra slim waterproof case with air-craft grade aluminium construction and installs/uninstalls within seconds. So how does it stack up against the others?


Form factor: Shield is the thinnest waterproof case in the market, measuring only 11.1mm in its aluminium frame.

Protection: Shield for iPhone 7 can take your device to as deep as 3 meters under water, 33% deeper than it's major competitors. The case is also shock proof up to 2 meters, thanks to it's solid construction.

Installation: The patented ShockSeal allows the user to peel off the screen and take out the phone within seconds. In comparison, other waterproof cases requires careful installation to ensure airtight enclosure.

Durability: This is in our opinion the biggest win of all. Like most protective cases, LifeProof and Catalyst alike are made of rigid plastic and TPU, which deteriorate overtime with everyday wear-and-tear. In fact the most complaints we have heard from users is that the corners wear off within months. Well, this is where the air-craft grade aluminium makes a difference. The solid frame makes the case virtually indestructible while maintaining it's lightweight form factor. The Shield is made to outlast your iPhone!


The Hitcase Shield is sold at $99.95 for iPhone 6s and iPhone SE, and $119.95 for the new iPhone 7.


Click here to check out the Hitcase Shield For iPhone 7, iPhone 6s, and iPhone SE!





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