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Kenu Airbase Magnetic Premium Dashboard & Windshield Suction Mount For Smartphones

Magnetic convenience for your windshield or dashboard. Easily mount your phone one-handed and in clear view with the power of six rare-earth magnets. This suction mount was designed to look great in any car.

Line of sight, peace of mind - keeps your vents free and your eyes up

Powerful rare-earth magnets - six neodymium magnets in a compact oval array pull your phone in right

Turn your phone more and turn your head less- a smooth ball-and-socket joint lets you tilt and turn your phone to just the right viewing angle.

Exclusive unbreakable plate -spring-steel construction means you can bend it and it bends right back. Plus it's got higher magnetic aeration at just 0.4mm thick. 

Works great for the home or office - just attach Airbase Magnetic to a des k or countertop and you have a convenient phone stand for video calls or watching movies.

Designed for looks, engineered for function - we looked to the best in car design for inspiration when designing Airbase Magnetic

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