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Kate Spade


Kate Spade "Favorite Things" Liquid Glitter Fashion Case For iPhone 8/7

let's talk tech. while we love the beauty of a handwritten letter (especially an impromptu love note), we can't help but keep our cell phones, laptops and ipads within close reach. our designers kept this very thought in mind when they created our latest collection of whimsical cases. the mix of playful patterns, cheeky idioms and bright hues keep your digital devices safely covered with a spark of colorful personality.



  • resin case



    • warning: if case cracks or leaks fluid, remove case and discontinue use immediately. contact with liquids may damage smartphones. if fluid makes contact with skin or clothing, wash immediately with soap and water. prolonged exposure may cause allergic dermatitis in some individuals.¬†do not sit on or apply pressure to case.use at your own risk.not intended for use by children 14 years of age or younger.¬î

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