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Moshi iVisor XT Clear Screen Protector For 13” MacBook Pro/Air USB-C

The Moshi iVisor XT Clear Screen Protector is 100% bubble-proof, takes just seconds to apply and is perfectly tailored fit for your MacBook Pro/Air 13. The new multi-layer structure provides high clarity and sharpness, while its washability and reusability reduces waste.

iVisor XT is Moshi's original patented 100% bubble-proof screen protector and takes just seconds to apply. Cleaning and application instructions are included on the packaging for your convenience.

Multi-layer construction provides high quality crisp images and improved sharpness for unobstructed viewing. The iVisor XT also comes with an anti-smudge coating for improved clarity.

Moshi’s best-selling screen protector offers edge-to-edge protection and is now perfectly tailored to fit your MacBook Pro/Air 13's screen.

iVisor XT can be washed and reapplied repeatedly. For the eco-conscious individual, there's no need to buy another screen protector for your MacBook Pro/Air 13 again.

100% bubble-proof installation
Effortless application in seconds
Multi-layer construction
High clarity and sharpness
Anti-smudge coating
Edge-to-edge protection
Specially designed for MacBook Pro/Air 13 for a tailored fit
Washable and reusable

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