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Review: UAG Composite Case For iPad Pro

March 14, 2016 2 min read


iPad Pro is the Cupertino giants the latest and biggest take on the tablet computer category. Featuring a screen twice the size of an iPad Air 2, stereo speakers, A9X chip, and a 12" Retina Display, iPad Pro is no doubt the most powerful iPad ever built. But beyond that, Apple has also release the Pencil and SmartKeyboard to complement the creativity and productive aspects of this device.


There's no surprise that accessory manufactures started making compatible cases in no time. But few of them get it right this time. A folio case for example, can be redundant when the user decides to get a SmartKeyboard. And most fitted cases do not provide the functionality of multiple viewing angles, and do not support the storage of the Apple Pencil.


But thanks for the good folks at Urban Armor Gear, the UAG Composite Case For iPad Proticks all the boxes. 


The case inherits the classic UAG look and feel. The lightweight construction and the FrogSkin finish make the case a delight to hold, while the over-sized tactical buttons and large port openings ensures full accessibility to all the great features of the device. The Pencil holder on the side of the case is simply an easy and efficient solution for the graphic artists. A removable panel is also placed so that you could use your iPad with a keyboard when you want to, and not worrying about a comer being exposed when you don't.


Yet the most impressive feature of the case is the interrogated stand on the back, a feature UAG learnt from their popular Microsoft Surface cases. The stand is adjustable to support various angles in landscape model, and also lets the tablet stand in portrait model. What we love about this stand is that it gives users an essential functionality they need without adding the bulk, and more importantly, not compromising the experience when the SmartKeyboard is attached - something we have yet seen from other major competitors.


Overall, the UAG Composite Case For iPad Pro is an awesome package, with great features and unparalleled compatibility. It is available in two colours, BLACK and COBALT. The Australian RRP $119.95 might seem a bit high, but for the features we mentioned above, we think it's worth every buck. 


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