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Top 5 Waterproof iPhone 5/5s Cases Roundup

August 25, 2014 3 min read

"You are more powerful than you think.”

It seems that Apple truly wants you to realise your potential with the device they designed. An awesome phone with fantastic apps is like Tony Stark with J.A.R.V.I.S.. But to become Iron Man, the genius needs his suit.

That’s right. The right cases and accessories can take your user experience to the next level by enabling you accomplish tasks that are otherwise impossible.

Waterproof case is a relatively new concept. However ever since LifeProof became phenomenal, more and more vendors have jumped into this ring.

There are dozens of accessories claimed to have waterproof capability, but this post is only a quick roundup of the best 5 we found in the market.

1. LifeProof FRE Case (available for iPhone 4/4s, 5/5s, and 5c)

It's fascinating to see the momentum LifeProof has built up since Gary Rayner, fprmer CEO of the company, released the world's first fully functional waterproof, shockproof, dirtproof, and snowproof case for iPhone after years of hard work. After several revisions and updates, the FRE case for iPhone 5s has become the best selling waterproof phone case world-wide with a huge fan base of enthusiasts, ranging from tradesmen to pilots.


  • reliable 4-proofs
  • multiple colour options
  • lightweight and sleek design
  • relatively low price tag
  • good after sales support
  • compatible accessories
  • slightly reduced touch screen sensibility and some mild rainbow effect on screen

2. LifeProof NUUD Case (available for iPhone 5/5s,and 5c)

This is a new member of the LifeProof series, featuring the mind-blowing NUUD Screen technology that the company learnt from the NUUD iPad case. Without compromising the original 4-proofs, NUUD takes the user experience to the next level by allowing your finger to directly touch the actual screen. The package also comes with an optional screen scratch protector that is precisely cut to fit the exposed screen, adding the peace of mind for people who worries about potential scratches on the nude screen.


  • everything FRE has got
  • uncompromised touch screen experience
  • cool transparent/semi-transparent backing

  • users much be conscious about the state of screen seals
  • a bit uncomfortable for Touch ID scanning due to slightly raised edge
  • compatible accessories

3. OtterBox Preserver (available for iPhone 5/5s)

Released shortly after OtterBox's acquisition of LifeProof, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out how the giant managed to miraculously turned their previous waterproof case, the bricky Armour, into this well-engineered slim gadget. In short, the Preserver is basically a duplicate of LifeProof's FRE, with a touch of OtterBox's personality.


  • lightweight and sleek design
  • available in vibrant colours
  • cool design details including cushioned interior
  • complementary lanyard 


  • more expensive than it's twin brother
  • slightly reduced touch screen sensibility and some mild rainbow effect on screen

4. Incipio Atlas ID (available for iPhone 5/5s)

Taking a different design approach, Incipio managed to pull-off a case that can compete toe to toe with LifeProof. Instead of a conventional O-ring, Atlas uses a pad that covers the inside of the entire backplate to seal the gaps. The pad also functions as a unique cushion for your phone. Yet the innovation does not stop here. The award-winning company tops off the design with the use a tempered glass screen shield. Compared to the thin layer of plastic cover used on competitors, tempered glass enables much better screen sensibility and visibility.


  • innovative design details
  • tempered glass screen shield


  • slightly heavier than competitors
  • headphone jack not easily accessible
  • marketing and support not as mature as LifeProof & OtterBox

5. Griffin Survivor + Catalyst (available for iPhone 5/5s)


A product line that is unfortunately being discontinued, the Survivor + Catalyst case certainly did attract some attention with it’s all clear housing. Waterproof up to 3 meters (9.8 ft), this case certainly exceeds the capability of it’s competitors. The complementary lanyard also makes it more convenient to take your phone with you.


  • supercool all clearing housing
  • complementary lanyard 
  • greater waterproof capability 


  • no Touch ID support
  • slightly reduced screen sensibility


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