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Withings | Nokia Body+ Smart Wi-Fi Scale W/ Body Composition

  • Full body composition: Track weight, BMI, total body fat and water percentage plus bone and muscle mass
  • Nutrition tracking: Set a weight goal and manage your daily calorie budget with integrated nutrition tracking
  • Best-in-class accuracy via Position Control™ technology, a patented body position detector
  • Family friendly - Recognizes and tracks up to 8 users, including babies
  • Automatic WiFi or Bluetooth synchronization with your smartphone
  • Available on iOS and Android

Full Body Composition
Get a holistic picture of your health and fitness. The scale displays your weight, body fat and water percentage, as well as bone and muscle mass. It also displays a graph with your last 8 weigh-ins to help you understand your weight trend.


Personalized coaching
All data syncs to the Withings Health Mate app, automatically, via WiFi or Bluetooth. Set goals, get rewards, and view detailed graphs to assess your progress.


Best-in-class accuracy
Patented Position Control™ technology allows for the most accurate readings. How does it work? Step on, and on-screen arrows guide you towards the correct stance.


Designed for life
Body can automatically recognize and record data from up to 8 users, including babies.


Even more reasons to step on
Enjoy a local weather report right on the scale’s screen each morning when you weigh in. And if you have a Withings tracker or use in-app step tracking, view your step count from the previous day.


100+ Partners: Pick an app, any app...
Compare progress to calorie intake with Weight Watchers, Lose It! or MyFitnessPal. Or train for a race with Runkeeper, MapMyRun or Runtastic. These are just a few of the more than 100 top health & fitness apps that easily pair with Body to help you understand how efforts impact what you see on the scale.

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