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Scosche MagicMount Pro Home/Office For iPhone & Apple Watch

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  • Cradle-free,4-Axis Adjustable Mount Allows for Optimal Viewing Angles
  • Base Port helps Keep Charging Cables Mess Free
  • StickGrip Suction Base Provides Secure Hold to Nearly any Textured Surface
  • Powerful Neodymium Rare-Earth Magnets are 100% Device Safe
  • Optional Apple Watch® Mount is Compatible with your Existing Charging Cable

Includes: Optional Apple Watch® Mount plus Large & Small Metal Plates


Elegant Mount for your Home or Office

This new mount in Scosche’s MagicMount Pro line-up creates an elegant look to any home or office. From your nightstand to your work desk, this mount is a perfect solution for keeping your device safe and your area clutter-free thanks to its cable port near the base of the mount.

Includes Optional Apple Watch® Mount

The included optional-use Apple Watch mount provides a quick, secure place to mount your watch. Use your existing charging cable to turn the Apple Watch mount into a wireless Watch charger!


100% Safe, Powerful Rare Earth Magnets

These powerful earth magnets hold your device securely in place and are 100% safe for Smartphones, Tablets, GPS and other mobile devices*. *Does not work with iPod Classic or other hard drive devices. The strong magnetic fields produced by these Neodymium magnets is enough to damage hard drive devices.

MagicPlate™ Placement Options

The MagicMount™ system uses powerful magnets to grip safely and securely to the MagicPlate™, which is a small adhesive metal plate that can be attached very easily to the back of your mobile device. You can choose to apply the adhesive plate directly to your device, under the battery cover or to the outside of the case. Comes with an additional item in the package, protective film. The protective film can be used when you plan to directly attach a MagicPlate™ to the back of your smartphone or tablet. The film is designed to assist in plate removal should you decide to do that at some point in the future. Simply follow the installation instructions that come with your MagicMount product. Usage of the film is not required, but it is recommended for direct to phone/tablet MagicPlate applications. *MagicMount is not recommended for use with a mobile device encased in a wallet-style case cover.

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