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PowerUp 3.0 Smartphone-Controlled Paper Airplane

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PowerUp 3.0 allows you to remotely control a paper airplane through a Bluetooth® connected smartphone or tablet. Using the free mobile app, you can control the motor's power for descending or ascending during flight; and the rudder for changing direction. Simply tilt your smartphone or tablet to maneuver right or left and use PowerUp’s throttle lever to ascend or descend.With a 180ft/55m range, crash-resistant design, and responsive gesture motion control and precision turning, PowerUp 3.0 give users extremely flexible flight control.



Crash-proof carbon fibre body | 10 min. flight on a charge | Charging time - 25-30 minutes | Connectivity - Bluetooth Smart | 180 feet range | FlightAssist technology.


What's in the box:
PowerUp 3.0 Smart Module
Mounting display and storage box
Micro USB cable for charging
Spare rudder
Spare propeller
Invader templates (for beginner pilots)
Nakamura templates (for advanced pilots)
Dupont® waterproof template
PowerUp 3.0 Guide
Portable charger sold separately

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