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OSMO Numbers Game Module For Genius & Creative Kit (NOT Incl. Base & Mirror)

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The Osmo Base & Mirror is required to play Numbers (only available with Genius Kit & Creative Kit)

Learn counting, addition & subtraction, multiplication and math confidence
Number Sense - Fosters understanding of counting, relative values, addition, concatenation, and multiplication using physical tiles of dots and digits
Cognitive Flexibility - Encourages experimenting with multiple solutions to mathematical problems through open-ended play
Features an engaging underwater world to discover and collect over 90 beautiful fish, from Rainbowfish to Frankenfish
Compatible with iPad 2/3/4, iPad Mini/2/3/4, iPad Air/Air 2, iPad 9.7" and iPad Pro 9.7"/10.5"

Playing with Osmo Numbers makes math intuitive and fun. Kids can learn math without the pressure of time or the fear that they’ll get the wrong answer.

Numbers features an underwater world for students to dive into math and collect fish as they pop numeric bubbles. Students add, subtract, and multiply by zooming tiles in and out of the Osmo play space. As they master new skills, players collect Zany fish, unleash special effects, and advance to higher levels.

Kids experience hands-on play by arrange physical tiles, including dots and digits, to make numbers and complete the levels. Add by placing more tiles, subtract by removing tiles and multiply by connecting tiles together. Experimenting becomes fast and intuitive, and with the different modes of the game (counting, addition, concatenation and multiplication mode) there is a challenge for everybody. As kids get more confident in one mode, they can move on to the next one, allowing them to learn at their own pace.

Osmo is an award-winning game system that will change the way your child interacts with the iPad by opening it up and hands-on play. It enables the iPad to merge the power of physical play with the digital advantages of real-time feedback. A ground-breaking system encouraging creative thinking and social interaction by expanding gameplay beyond the screen!

What's in the box:

Total of 40 tiles
Number tiles 2 sets
Dot tiles 2 sets
Numbers app

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