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Osmo iPad Education Games System Creative Kit w/ Base & Reflector

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  • Teaches creative confidence, visual thinking, problem solving and drawing detail & speed
  • Creative Kit comes with Osmo Base and Mirror (reflector) 
  • Includes 3 games (Monster, Masterpiece and Newton), Creative Board, Yoobi Markers, Fuzzy Pouch and eraser cloth
  • Built‑in collaboration, allowing multiple kids to play together 
  • Easy to set-up
  • Compatible with iPad 2/3/4, iPad Mini/2/3/4, iPad Air/Air 2, iPad 9.7" and iPad Pro 9.7"

The Osmo Creative Kit combines creative tools, games and cutting edge technology to foster creativity and problem solving skills.  Blend real-life doodles with on-screen action with three amazing games - Monster, Newton, and Masterpiece - that offer an irresistible invitation to imagine, invent, explore, and play.

Creative Kit opens up an entirely different type of play that encourages kids to think creatively, develops drawing skills (including proportion and perspective) and sharpens problem-solving skills.

  • Monster 
    Monster teaches drawing skills and creative confidence. It brings drawings on the Creative Board to life as Mo, a furry orange friend, interacts with student drawings as they all go on an adventure. Each item you draw for Mo will be magically pulled into his world (on the iPad screen). Together create animated activities to share with family and friends. 
    *Monster is designed for age 4–9, whereas all other games are age 5-12
  • Newton  
    Newton teaches creative problem solving skills, and fosters social-emotional skills and creative thinking. Make on-screen falling balls land on targets by drawing obstacles on the Creative Board. The balls fly, roll and bounce around, challenging kids to think in creative new ways. This is where physics meets doodles!
    Newton can be played with anything you want - Pen and paper, Tangram pieces, Words tiles, or any other objects you find in and around the house.
  • Masterpiece 
    Masterpiece teaches drawing and creative confidence. It is a fun drawing tool, transforming any image into simple-to-trace lines, making it easy for kids to create amazing artwork. 
    Pick an image from the camera, web or curated gallery and Masterpiece will transform it into lines, helping kids create beautiful drawings. Masterpiece doesn’t require any special pieces and is played with a pen and paper or a whiteboard. You can even make cool time-lapse videos of the drawing process to share or review.

What's in the box:

  • Osmo Base and Mirror (reflector)
  • Creative Board
  • 6x Yoobi erasable markers
  • Fuzzy pouch and eraser cloth
  • Exclusive Creative Set content
  • Monster, Masterpiece and Newton apps

Monster was specifically designed for the Creative Kit. As such, it's not recommended to use Monster without the Creative Kit and its board. Masterpiece and Newton are good without the Creative Kit and board, but it is a much better experience with. It’s also nice to not waste so much paper. 

The Yoobi dry-erase markers are low odour, non-toxic and conform to ASTM D-4236. Ink can be removed from washable fabrics. 

Osmo is an award-winning game system that will change the way your child interacts with the iPad by opening it up and hands-on play. It enables the iPad to merge the power of physical play with the digital advantages of real-time feedback. A ground-breaking system encouraging creative thinking and social interaction by expanding gameplay beyond the screen!

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