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NOMAD Key Ultra Portable Lightning Charging Cable

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Key is an ultra portable iPhone charging cable. Keep it on your key-chain and always have a backup Lightning cable. Designed for emergencies or for the minimalist traveler.



  • Dow Dupont polycarbonate frame
  • TPE rubber middle section


  • 2.4A capable
  • USB 2.0
  • 6.6cm x 0.5cm x 1.9cm

Intended use

Designed to be an emergency/mobile tool. Though it's flexible center allows it to work in nearly any situation, it is not a reasonable replacement for our Lightning cable.

Should I be worried about the exposed connectors?

No. The USB connector is housed in a robust metal jacket, so you cannot scratch the gold contacts. The Apple Lightning connector is made from very robust materials and will not scratch either.

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