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Moshi IonGlass Privacy Edge-To-Edge Screen Protector For iPhone 11 / XR

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Moshi's IonGlass™ Privacy is a privacy screen protector for your iPhone that not only protects your touchscreen, it also safeguards on-screen content from prying eyes. This privacy screen protector is ideal for traveling professionals handling sensitive information in industries like healthcare, finance, government, technology, education, and more. Unlike typical screen protectors cut from flat sheets, IonGlass is precision-molded to perfectly fit your phone’s curved screen. This provides complete edge-to-edge coverage for added peace of mind. Rest easy knowing that your touchscreen is protected at all times by the most durable privacy screen protector available today.

  • Prevent side-snoopers from viewing what’s on your phone
  • Atomically-strengthened: stronger than tempered glass
  • Precision-molded to fit your device's curved touchscreen
  • Up to 40% thinner than generic glass screen protectors
  • Oleophobic coating for easily wiping away fingerprints

Ultimate privacy
Make sure no one can see what’s on your phone. Ideal for staying safe from onlookers on public transport, making surprise party plans, and much more.

Tempered glass is only heat-treated. IonGlass is reinforced at the molecular level, making it stronger and impossible to scratch even with a sharp knife.

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