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Moshi 90 Degree Lightning Charging Cable

  • 90-degree connector hugs its cable snugly to your device
  • Ideal for gaming, typing, and charging in the car
  • Certified and 100% compatible with the latest iOS devices
  • Encased in aluminium and shielded to reduce electromagnetic interference
  • Includes a convenient HandyStrap™ cable manager

Moshi's 90-degree Lightning to USB cable features a unique right-angle design that gives you an ergonomic way to use your device as it charges, while also reducing cable stress. 
Its 90-degree connector is useful when you want to hold your device comfortably during charging, like when you're messaging friends or playing games. It's also ideal for in-car use as the 90-degree connector wraps the cable closer to your device, helping your cable stay neatly organised as well as preventing undue stress on the cable/connector. 

Both ends of this certified Lightning cable are encased in aluminum to minimize electromagnetic interference and ensure durability. 
Use this cable with Moshi's Rewind 2 wall charger or Car Charger Duo for convenient and comfortable charging at home or in the car.

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