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Miggo Pictar Smart Light Universal LED Lamp For Smartphone & Camera

Pictar Smart Light is a compact LED lamp suitable for a camera or mobile phone, capable of producing powerful, high-quality light that dramatically improves the quality and character of photographs and video clips. After installing the Pictar App, provided with the device, you can easily control - from your phone's screen - many useful parameters such as light temperature and white balance. You can also enjoy 20 preset shooting modes and control a variety of parameters of your mobile phone's camera. Pictar Smart Light features a built-in battery that powers the light at full brightness for two hours when fully charged. The diffusion filter softens the beam and attaches to the device magnetically, for convenience and helping to keep weight down. The diffusion also holds the CTO gel in place when you want to convert the light's output from daylight to tungsten. A hinged cold-shoe adapter allows you to mount the fixture onto a camera, and an included phone clamp enables mounting the light onto select smartphones.

Real high-quality light source in compact form
Pictar Smart Light was designed for situations where a high quality artificial light source is required. The device outputs a light with a CRI rating between 95 and 97, and a 120° beam angle. Output has a brightness of 900 LUX at a distance of 1 meter, and 430 LUX at 1 meter with the included diffusion filter. A powerful magnetic connection allows quick installation of the diffuser filter and CTO Gel, to produce warm and soft light ideal for portrait photography and videography.

Pictar App inside!
The Pictar App was created to help mobile phone photographers produce much better stills and videos. The app is provided free of charge with Pictar Smart Light. Download the app and you can control parameters such as white balance, shutter speed, ISO, numerous filters and more.

Works great with cameras and smartphones
Pictar Smart Light is supplied with a cold-shoe adapter suitable for most cameras on the market, as well as a mobile phone adapter. And the good news is when using your smartphone, there's no need to remove the cover.

A battery that will never let you down
Pictar Smart Light comes with a built-in 2350mAh capacity battery, with two-hour runtime. The battery can be recharged using a micro-USB cable provided with the device.

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