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Keybudz AirCare Cleaning Kit for AirPods & AirPods Pro

The AirCare Cleaning Kit provides you the perfect set of tools to sanitise and maintain the integrity of your AirPods.

The complete cleaning solution to maximise the life of your AirPods.


- AirCare cleans and restores your AirPods to feel like new again
- Maintain sound performance and clarity for your AirPods
- Sticky squares remove gunk from hard to reach areas
- Pointed precision cotton swabs gently breaks up earwax and residue
- No harmful chemicals, no sharp bristles, safe and effective

Box includes:
- 1x Medium bristle brush
- 3x Fine bristle brush
- 5x Precision cotton swabs
- 6x Anti-bacterial swabs
- 10x AirCare sticky squares
- 2x Lint free microfiber
- and 6x Anti-bacterial wet & dry wipes.

* AirPods not included

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