iBaby Air Smart Air Quality Monitor

Product Features:

  • Detects and removes allergens and harmful toxins
  • Two-way audio baby monitoring system
  • Temperature and humidity detector
  • Smart nightlight
  • Customizable air quality alert lights
  • Requires no filter cleaning or replacement

Monitor Alerts

When the monitor detects any changes in the air of your home or baby’s nursery, you will receive automatic alerts directly to your mobile device or tablet. You will also be notified when your baby makes noise.

Purify Air For Baby

iBaby Air detects allergens and harmful VOC elements, such as carbon monoxide, methane, and alcohol. As it sends an alert,iBaby Air will simultaneously begin purifying your air by releasing negative ions.

Listen, Talk, & Play Music

The two-way audio system can be used as a baby monitor, Wi-Fi speaker, or music player. Hear each time your baby cries or speaks, soothe baby with the sound of your voice, or play their favorite song or lullaby.

Unlimited Users & Monitors

Now you can invite an unlimited number of users to access the iBaby Air device, data, or monitor alerts. You can also add an unlimited number of iBaby Air monitors to the companion iBaby Care App.

Air Quality Tips

To help optimize your indoor air for the well-being of your baby, iBaby Air sends lifestyle tips based on the environment. This can be as simple as opening a window, buying a plant, or using less of certain products.

Personal Air Station

iBaby Air provides a digital history graph for VOCs, temperature, and humidity patterns, allowing you to compare data and track air quality trends with other parents in your region and all around the world.

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