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Hey Clay


Hey Clay Air-Dry Modelling Clay - Dinos

Hey Clay is air-dry modelling clay for kids. Light & soft, Hey Clay is easy-to-sculpt and is designed to spark kids' imaginations and immerse them in a world of fun and learning. 

Each pack comes with a promo code for free access to the HEY CLAY® App, an easy-to-follow guide to creative clay modelling for kids. 

Create your ancient dinosaur world and explore the prehistoric nature of the earth. Pick one of the six dinosaurs – the stegosaurus, tyrannosaurus rex, brachiosaurus, pachycephalosaurus, triceratops, or the pterodactyl. Then, follow along with the interactive 3D step-by-step instructions to masterfully mold it, one simple shape at a time. As kids create, they learn useful techniques – rolling spheres, cylinders, facial features, textures, and more – until pretty soon, they can’t wait to invent their own characters!

The kit contains a rainbow assortment of kids clay for unlimited creativity that appeals to both boys and girls 3+ years of age. Colours may be easily mixed for maximum creativity.

Hey Clay is designed to spark children’s creative genius! It inspires curiosity to discover shapes and colours, and imagination to create unique craft designs. Once the creations are complete and dried, kids can play with them and collect them, like toys and action figures.

This air-dry clay is non-toxic and is made to US and EU safety standards. It does not stick to hands or stain other objects. The clay air-dries in 24 hours. Each piece comes in a separate can for easy storage and sculpting multiple times.

The Hey Clay App is designed specifically for kids thanks to character animation, funny moves and actions, and professional voiceovers. Directions are clear, visually helpful and teach step-by-step how to form several parts with your fingers. After you finish your claymate, you can share your stylish photo with friends and followers on social media! The App can be used on multiple devices (tablets and/or phones) with the same ID.

  • Super bright colours, which may be easily mixed
  • For boys and girls 3+ years old
  • Made according to AUS standards. Non-toxic and biodegradable
  • Non-sticky. Enjoyable to touch and smell
  • 18 cans of air-dry modeling clay (20 grams each)
  • Each piece comes in a separate can for easy storage and sculpting multiple times
  • Air-dries in 24 hours - kids can collect and play with figures when dried

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