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Caudabe The Synthesis 2M Shock Absorbing Slim Rugged Case For iPhone XS

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Our most protective case, drop tested to 2m / 6.6 ft. A fusion of a soft, flexible perimeter manufactured from ShockLiteTM, our shock-absorbing polymer, and a hard, micro-etched, matte back shell. Rugged protection in a slim, minimalist design. Compatible with wireless charging.

Our most protective case yet. And it's still super slim.

The Synthesis is our most protective iPhone XS case, yet amazingly it's still one of the slimmest cases on the market. The flexible perimeter is manufactured from ShockLiteTM, a soft, gel-like material with excellent shock absorption. The back is a hard, micro-etched, matte back shell. The fusion of these two materials provides solid, all-around protection for your iPhone in a lightweight and incredibly slim form. Rugged protection in a slim, minimalist design. 

Smoothest kid on the block.

Utilizing advanced manufacturing techniques, the Synthesis is perfectly smooth in its transition from the soft, flexible perimeter to the hard back shell. This enables an elegant curved surface that follows the contours of the iPhone and provides exceptional ergonomics in your hand. Unmatched in precision and, most of all, comfort.

The best details are the ones you barely notice.

It's the details that make the experience. Like the raised edges around the perimeter of the screen that protect the screen when placed face down. Or the button covers that provide fantastic tactile feedback, nearly as responsive as the buttons on a bare iPhone. Or the very subtle bumps on the back four corners that raise the Synthesis and your iPhone slightly off the surface to protect the back from abrasions. Or even the hard back shell with the micro-etched, fingerprint-repellant finish, that's still clear enough to let your iPhone shine through.

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