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BodyGuardz x Unequal Trainr Pro Case w/ Armband For iPhone 8 PLUS/ 7 PLUS

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TPU Case w/ Impact-absorbing Technology

Trainr Pro - a high performance smartphone case designed for the active lifestyle. Featuring lightweight sport-grip materials for your iPhone 8 Plus, a durable clear back, and Unequal's patented battle-ready composite padding, Trainr Pro is fit for any situation. Trainr Pro takes it to the next level with a one-of-a-kind removable armband. In a snap, your phone transitions from everyday use to workout ready, and right back again when the workout is over.

  • Unequal impact gelinjected in case
  • Absorbs& dissipatesimpact
  • Sleek,low-profiledesign


• Clear polycarbonate back to protect and show off your device
• Durable sport-grip elastomer for a secure hold, even with the most active use
• Shock-absorbing composite by Unequal Technologies protects your device from impact

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