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BlueLounge Sumo Micro-Suction Cable Holder

  • A paperweight to keep cables from slipping behind desks, tables and nightstands
  • Uses high-tech Japanese micro-suction to securely grip flat surfaces
  • Designed with channels beneath to keep cables from tangling


    A heavyweight for small cables, Sumo takes a weighty approach to keep cords in place. Gone are the days of searching for cables that have dropped behind the nightstand, or reaching under the desk to recover cables that have slipped off the edge. With Sumo, all of your charging, connecting and power cables simply stay put.

    Sumo is made with high-tech Japanese Micro-Suction, a series of tiny suction cups that adhere to any hard, smooth, flat surface without leaving behind a residue.
    Micro-Suction is not a glue or adhesive, simple maintenance with tape, similar to removing lint from clothing, will ensure that Sumo’s grip stays strong. 

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