Armourcard Anti-Theft RFID Protection Card w/ LED Indicator

  • Creates an electronic Force Field around your wallet
  • RFID protection product certified by the FCC
  • Protects credit cards, hotel keys, passports, drivers licenses
  • Touch activated momentary override switch
  • Battery test LED indicator 
  • Active jamming LED indicator 

Armourcard, the world's first and foremost active protection against electronic pickpockets. Its battery-boosted force field delivers the best available protection available today. Armourcard is a personal electronic forcefield all in the size of a credit card to fit in any wallet or purse.

Its FCC compliant micro jamming technology creates a 10 cm electronic jamming field to protect your credit cards from being skimmed. No other product on the market offers active protection like Armourcard. 

Protect your credit cards, personal data and protect your identity from Electronic Pickpockets and get the most superior electronic jamming technology on the market to take back control of your privacy with Armourcard!


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