Nomad Carbon Ultra Thin Impact Resistant Case For iPhone X

The Carbon Case is a thin, light, yet durable minimalist case with strong protection. Built with our proprietary Carbon MD-6TM composite and lined with a TPU rubber bumper, Carbon Case is extremely lightweight. Each case has a unique, smooth finish equipped with sturdy protection and a slick grip.

How thin is Carbon Case?

The back plate of the Carbon Case is 1.30mm thick while the bumper is 1.20mm thick. Nomad designed this case to be as thin as possible while still providing protection. At drops around 6ft/1.8m your phone will be protected, but the case may break. This is all in an effort to continue pushing the boundaries of creating truly minimalist products.

What does Carbon MD-6TM stand for?

Carbon MD-6TM refers to our multidirectional carbon blend. The 6 is derived from this being our 6th iteration of combining ground carbon fiber with plastic polymers. Coindicentally, 6 is also the atomic number of Carbon.


  • Proprietary Carbon MD-6TM composite
  • Unique finish to each case
  • Hyper thin and light design
  • 6ft / 1.8m drop protection
  • 3/4 semi-gloss satin finish, 1/4 matte finish
  • TPU rubber bumper

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