Ninety7 DOX Rechargable Portable Battery Base For Amazon Echo Dot Gen 2

The new Ninety7 DOX is a portable battery for the 2nd Generation Amazon Echo Dot , designed to provide rechargeable, cord-free mobility at home or on-the-go. With up to 10 hours* of cordless use, you can unplug and take Alexa anywhere you choose without the hassle of cables and outlets.

Meet DOX
Having Alexa in every room is easier than ever.

DOX has a powerful, rechargeable lithium-ion battery that provides up to 10 unplugged hours++ of use. 4 LED lights integrate seamlessly on the front of DOX, indicating how much battery life remains before needing a charge.

Small Size, Big Power.
DOX is a small but mighty portable battery for the Dot. Unlike its big brother, VAUX, DOX is not a speaker. It is a rechargeable battery solution for those looking for cordless freedom to take Alexa anywhere, anytime.

“...the new DOX will turn this small Alexa device into a cord-free assistant.”

Elevate the Echo Dot.
Not just another piece of tech on your counter top, DOX's sleek, compact design seamlessly blends into your home environment.

DOX comes with its own low-profile, integrated charging base, so you can easily power-up and instantly untether as needed. If your DOX battery is running low, just return it to the base for a fresh charge.

Alexa To-Go.
Simply place your Echo Dot into the DOX, plug-in internal connectors and you're good to go.

Height 63mm / 2.5"
Diameter 93mm / 3.7"

.8 lb
12.8 ounces

Amazon Dot Echo (2nd Generation)

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