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Mophie Spacestation External Storage + 6000mAh Battery

Advanced storage with universal power for virtually any USB device. Provides up to 64GB of external storage, extra battery, and the power to save everything. Leave no file behind.

Built-in storage.

Up to 64GB of additional storage. Easily upload or download any file like a convenient external drive when the spacestation is connected to your device. Stop deleting and start saving all your favorite files.


Extended battery life.

Get up to 3X extra battery while charging on-the-go. No need to stop at an outlet to recharge.

Manage content between all your devices.

Connect via USB to back up, manage, access, and share files between spacestation and your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Store everyone’s files on a single mophie Space device and bring it with you anywhere.


Photos. Videos. Music. Documents. Store them all.

Take all your files with you. Organize and access everything through the Space app anytime and on any device.


Your own personal Wi-Fi Space Portal.

Use the WiFi Space Portal to access, back up, and transfer files with your Mac or PC wirelessly and control access with a unique security code. Compatible with all modern operating systems.*


Priority+ Charge & Sync

Enables pass-through charge and sync while connected to a computer. Power is sent to your device first, then the spacestation unit recharges itself.


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