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Mophie PowerStation Plus Mini (Gen 4) 4000mAh Portable Battery w/ Lightning Connector

This portable power solution has everything you need to stay mobile and travel light. This reliable 4,060mAh battery provides up to 13 extra hours of power to your smartphone.* The integrated micro-USB to Lightning switch-tip cable lets you charge any smartphone or tablet that has a Lightning or micro USB port.

The Only Thing You Need to Charge On-the-Go
When you’re on-the-go, the last thing you want to do is hassle with cords and adapters. The powerstation plus mini has an integrated micro-USB to Lightning switch tip cable, so you can charge any device with a micro-USB or Lightning port. When not in use, the integrated switch-tip cable tucks conveniently into the side of the powerstation battery, so it’s there when you need it and neatly stored when you don’t.

Durable Battery
The 4,060mAh battery provides hours of power to your devices: up to 13 extra hours of power to your smartphone, up to 5 extra hours to a small tablet, and up to 3 hours to a large tablet.

Integrated Switch-tip Cable

The powerstation plus mini portable battery has an integrated cable with a micro-USB connector and a Lighting connector so you can charge any device with a micro-USB or Lightning port..

Priority+ Charging
When the powerstation plus mini portable battery is plugged into a power source (like a wall socket), it will send power to the connected device first, and then recharge itself after the connected device is fully charged.

LED Power Indicator
The integrated four-light LED power indicator displays charging status and the current battery life, so you always know how much power you have left.

Premium Fabric Finish
Available in multiple colors, the premium fabric finish looks good in any setting and prevents scuffs and scratches.

Digital Power Management
Smart charging circuitry always provides your device with the perfect amount of power for a safe, quick charge.

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